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Change the Way You Do Health

The new paradigm of nutritional health analysis and correction

"I started this program wanting to lose 12 kilos, lower my high blood pressure and clear the arthritic pain in my hands. I lost 14 kilos, blood pressure now normal and no pain, all within 3 months, I was surprised", George Carthy - Lamb Island

"Finally, an answer to the mystery of my poor health! In one session the test located the source of my health problem I had for 10 years..." Melissa Conway - Brisbane

"I have been on the program for 12 months now and feel amazing! I have never had so much clarity and vitality. It did not happen over night, but I stuck to the program. No more low blood sugar, constipation, insomnia, stiffness in my joints and fatigue. Oh, and my menopause that was driving me crazy, cleared!..." Joanne Digby - Maroochydore

"I did the test for curiosity as I generally feel well. The results blew me away!  I had no idea I had  sugar regulation problem, adrenal exhaustion, semi diabetic, mineral deficient and a prostate problem..." Malcolm Dunlop - Coolangatta Qld

What do we do?

We test a person's urine and saliva samples in our lab. This is a cellular chemistry analysis. This gives the practitioner a 3-dimensional picture of your health, related to your health symptoms, and is related to the last 10-15 years of your life. 

This test is very accurate in locating the source of your health problems.  Then this is followed by a specific nutritional correctional program tailored to your test findings that correct your health issues at their source.​

NOW AVAILABLE - Mail order sample kits

You can now be tested from anywhere in Australia.

What happens after being tested?

All heath conditions, medical labels and symptoms relate to an energy loss in the body and this can be seen in the test results, derived from a cellular chemistry test. There is no guessing or assuming about a person's health issue as it is all accurately revealed in a simple non-invasive analysis.

The correctional process that follows the test analysis, enables the body to pick up the nutrient from the food you eat.  And it is this newly gained nutritional energy that does the healing, removing symptoms and labels.

Naming a illness or disease does nothing to correct it!

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What You Can Know About Your Health

We specialise in  a unique holistic cellular chemistry analysis, workshops & support through our professional holistic health centre in Brisbane Bayside - Cleveland.

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'Understanding Your Cellular Chemistry Test Analysis & How Healing Works' 1-Day Workshop
Sun, Nov 17
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Nov 17, 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Correcting cellular chemistry links mind, body & spirit...


Word on the Street


For the last two years I have suffered from unexplainable soreness, stiffness and lack of energy, fluctuating in severity with the hormonal madness of my menopausal journey. The nearly constant aches and pains were wearing me down, I felt old age had come way too early. I tried all sorts of remedies and supplements, acupuncture, energy healing and chiropractics. All of them helping a bit. I felt I just had to sit it out and hopefully improve on the other side of my menopausal period. 

Then I started the Nutritional Alchemy program. I thought it could not have anything to do with my diet, as I was already eating so healthy. It made a lot of sense when the test results showed my body chemistry was out of balance and therefore I was not absorbing my food and I was in a state of energy loss. The changes and improvements came slowly, but I now feel so much better.

I’m doing my yoga again, it’s no longer aggravating, it’s now enjoyable again. I’m active again all day without the energy drops and my body seizing up. What a relief, I can function again! I highly recommend the Nutritional Alchemy program for anyone who wants to beat old age for a bit longer. 

Phoenicia Altaire - Brisbane

The Simplicity of Healing

October 15, 2019

I cannot tell you the truth about healing, but I can show you the way...

June 13, 2019

Awakening the Organic Spirit

June 13, 2019

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You have the option to be tested in person or via mail order. Please let us know if you need a sample test kit sent to you. 

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