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About Your Holistic Professional

Warren Rose

Holistic Practitioner - Nutritional Alchemist (MHSc, Dip Ambulance Science, Dip Herbalism/Nutrition)

Warren was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the New England ranges of NSW.  He was athletic and sports oriented from a young age, which led Warren to health and medical interests.  His vocational experience began as a paramedic and gravitated to holistic health and alternative medicine when he realised many people in the medical arena were not getting well.

Warren was one of the modern pioneers of kinesiology, developing his own kinesiology methods in the early 90s. He then gravitated to self-sustainable practices around permaculture, gardening and organic food to enhance health even further, providing nutritional education and insight to sick people.

It was through the kinesiology and thousands of hours of teaching, testing, and consults Warren developed a high state of intuitive sensitivity, which allows him to pick up the most sensitive of imbalances and diseases in the mind and body of a client just through communicating with them. This is now available as a emotional stress release reading. It was this potent intuitive gift that enabled Warren to be employed by an international holistic organisation that could read the health of business owners to assist their health and the health of their business.  This gave Warren much experience in dealing with business executives as well as their workers. 

The catalyst for higher states of health correction came through Warren's training in the RBTI chemistry analysis ten years ago. This training brought his gift of intuitive medical sensitivity with the knowledge of the body's chemistry analysis into a complete health correctional program, not based on medical labels or symptoms.

Warren combines his intuitive reading skills with his knowledge and insight of nutrition, medical and holistic medicine, to create the dynamic service he now provides.